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Open Letter Calling for a Truce between Al Qaida, the West, and other Concerned Parties

As the days pass we are seeing more and more killing.  On the onside we have Obama, Cameron, and their allies.  In spite of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize award he has participated in quite a few wars and bombing campaigns.  ...

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Denmark’s Alternative way of Receiving Returning Fighters

What do governments really gain by denying their citizens who fought to save lives in Syria passports?  What safety does the constant stream of threats of imprisonment upon return bring the citizens of western countries?  Are they actually creating more ...

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Neither Chemical Weapons, Barrel Bomb, nor Starvation was Enough

For nearly four years rebels have fought a bloody war to throw off the yoke of oppression against Syrian president Bashar Assad.  Official estimates put the death toll somewhere around 200,000 dead.  I put it somewhere around 275,000-300,000.  In the ...

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3 Things we Learned from ISIS Spokesman’s Latest Statement

ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Adnani released a statement yesterday that Muslims around the world should thank him for because he made things crystal clear for anyone with eyes to see.  Before we begin, it has to be made clear that Adnani is ...

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