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ISIS & It’s Boko Haram Affiliate Attack Masjids in Syria and Nigeria

Last night in Ariha, Syria just as the fast was being broken and masjid Salim was full of both Mujahideen fighters and civilians a 15 year old boy carrying a back pack carries out a suicide operation killing approximately 40.  Meanwhile ISIS Nigerian affiliate Boko Haram killed approximately 150 in Northeastern Nigeria over the past 2 days, including a young female suicide bomber in Malari village who blew herself up.

“The bomber was a girl aged around 15 who was seen around the mosque when worshippers were preparing for the afternoon prayers,” Danlami Ajaokuta, a vigilante assisting the military against Boko Haram, told AFP.

“People asked her to leave because she had no business there and they were not‎ comfortable with her in view of the spate of suicide attacks by female Boko Haram members.

“She made to leave‎ but while the people were inside the mosque for the prayers she ran from a distance into the mosque and blew herself up,” he added — an account corroborated by resident Gajimi Mala.

Muslims scholar Shaykh Abu Muhammad Maqdisi from Jordan said: “Assassination in the mosques is an evil sunnah of the Magians.  It was performed by Abu Lulua Majoosi when he assassinated Al Farooq (Umar ibn Khattab) during Fajr prayer.  Those who kill the worshippers at the mosques have Abu Lulua as their role model and not the Prophet.  Peace be upon him.”

ISIS has long since claimed that it was championing a cause for Muslims, yet their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim.  It is perhaps that either their strategic planners of their operations are consistently bad or perhaps there is another narrative at work.  Exactly who would send a suicide bomber into a Masjid in Ramadan except they intended not only to kill whoever their target was, but also all of the innocent Muslims at the same time.



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