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Good Niggers & Bad Niggers/Good Muslims & Bad Muslims

My name is Bilal Abdul Kareem and if I were living approximately 150 years ago in America I would be classified as one of two types: Category A:”Good Nigger”  or Category B: “Bad Nigger”.  Before you slam me for my “poor word selection” give me a chance to explain.  White lawmakers and slave owners only saw things in terms of (pardon the expression) black and white.  So as to put things in a proper context exactly what was a good nigger and what was a bad nigger?


Good Nigger

Just for the sake of this article we will call the good nigger “Leroy” (no disrespect to anyone out there named Leroy!).  Leroy was an African or African American who accepted the status quo.  He lowered his gaze when superiors (i.e. any and all non-Blacks) were passing by.  Even though he was enslaved, his wife raped by the white slave owner anytime he felt like it, and he was given only the most detestable parts of a pig to eat Leroy showed much more concern and loyalty for the lives and property of the slave owner than other oppressed black people he encountered.  When asked about the prospect of running away or rising up ol Leroy would be the first to squeal to the slave owner and spoil the plot.  The white oppressors really liked Leroy, not enough to give him much more than a hot meal once or twice a year, but they did have a thing for him.  To them Leroy was a good guy.


Bad Nigger

How about we name this one “Kunta” (no undue respect to anyone out there named Kunta).  Kunta could only be termed a “Bad Nigger”.  Kunta was very difficult to manage because Kunta hated being a slave.  He hated having his rights, as well as his back that was thick with scars from the whip, trampled upon.  If Kunta heard about a plot against the slave owner or a plan to escape he wanted in on it.  The white oppressors didn’t care much for Kunta.  They were very happy that there were few Kuntas and lots of Leroys or else they would have to do the unthinkable: give the Blacks their rights.


Now let’s look at our situation here today as Muslims.  We have many Leroys.  However, many of our Leroys don’t look like slaves, well…actually many of them look and dress just like you and I.  Some even better!  But in the end they don’t think like Kunta thinks.  They can watch day in and day out as Gazans are slaughtered, Syrians are massacred, and Muslims around the world are told to be “Good Niggers” and go to the UN to get their rights, which they haven’t received until this very day!  “Be a good Leroy”, they are told, “and let us know when foreign fighters are planning to help poor people in Syria so we can snatch them up at the airport”.  Kunta would be frowned upon in most of today’s circles as he not only doesn’t like what is happening to innocent men, women, and children all over the Muslim world he actually shuns the advice by the Saudi religious establishment to “just make dua” and he does something about it (the nerve!).


The food was hot and the drinks were cold the other day in Washington, DC as Muslims gathered at the White House for the annual Iftar dinner with Barak Obama.  6 years ago when Obama came to Cairo and started his speech with “As salaam alaykum” the people went crazy.  “WOW!  A US president said salaam!  Everything is gonna be all right from now on!”, they said.  Well everything isn’t right, and anyone with a TV can see that.  I don’t blame the US government for the world’s problems as the Leroys of the Muslim nations make it too easy for them to do their dirt.  I know the American people and while there are flare ups and problems sometimes US society is made up of many different shades now.  That didn’t happen except that there were lots and lots of Kunta-types bucking the system over the years.


Which are you my Muslim brother?  Who are you my beautiful Muslim sister?  Would the enemies of that which is good and correct classify you as a “Good Nigger”?  A bad one?  Who are you?  Be honest with yourself today so that tomorrow you can save not only your Muslim brothers and sisters and poor Chrisitians who live in Muslim areas, but you can save yourself as well.

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